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Interpretation of alumina ceramic products forming method
Posted by:admin  Date:2012-12-27 1:55:10  Click:1026
In general we use of alumina ceramic product shaping method: dry pressing, injection molding, the two methods are in common use, below we are specific to learn under the.
Method: dry press forming
Alumina ceramic dry press forming technology is limited to the shape and the inner wall thickness more than 1mm alone, the length and diameter ratio is not more than 4:1 objects. Method of forming a uniaxial or biaxial. Compressor having hydraulic, mechanical type two, a semi-automatic or fully automatic molding method. Compressor maximum pressure of 200Mpa. Yield of up to 15 per minute - 50 pieces. As the hydraulic press stroke uniform pressure, so the powder filling there are differences when pressing different height. Mechanical type compressor pressure size because of the powder filling much change, easily lead to sintering shrinkage difference, affect the quality of the product. So dry pressing process of powder particles are uniformly distributed on the mold filling is very important. Filling quantity determines the precision of manufacture of alumina ceramic parts size precision control of great influence. The powder particles to greater than 60um, between 60 - 200 mesh can obtain maximum free flow effect, to achieve the best effect of forming pressure.
Method two: Casting
Injection molding is the earliest use of alumina ceramic forming method. Due to the adoption of the gypsum mold, low cost and easy forming of large size, the shape of complex parts. Injection molding is the key of alumina slurry preparation. Usually in water flux as medium, adding solution of glue and adhesive after grinding, fully exhaust, then pour into the gypsum mould. As a result of plaster mold capillary water absorption, slurry and solidification in mould. Hollow grouting, in the mold wall adsorption slurry up to required thickness, the excess slurry pouring. In order to reduce body shrinkage, should try to use high concentration slurry. (image / text )
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