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The ceramic insulators features its static pressure technology
Posted by:admin  Date:2012-11-29 0:53:33  Click:1005
In fact, the types of ceramic insulators, since there are so many types must have the characteristics of the ceramic insulators are also many, work together to understand the next.
Ceramic insulator products butterfly insulator with pin insulator is mainly used for high and low voltage transmission lines, suspension insulators for high voltage transmission lines using the ceramic insulator is a special insulated control, can play an important overhead transmission lines role. Ceramic insulators used for the early years of the telephone poles, slowly developed in the high-type high-voltage wires to connect one end of the tower and hung up a lot of disk-shaped insulators, it is in order to increase the creepage distance, usually made ​​of ceramic, called ceramic insulator. Ceramic insulators in overhead transmission line plays two fundamental roles, support wires and prevent current back ground, these two roles must be guaranteed, ceramic insulators should not be due to environmental and electrical load conditions change led to a variety of mechanical and electrical stress failure, or ceramic insulator would not have a significant role, it will damage the whole line use and operating life.
The principle of the the ceramic insulator hydrostatic technology application 17th century pascal laws proposed: is applied in the still liquid or gas pressure, he will be at equal pressure in all directions, applied to a surface of the pressure and its surface areaproportional use of this principle, to be pressed when the powder stuffed into an elastic soft membrane, into the liquid or gaseous medium to such a fluid medium to exert a certain pressure, this pressure becomes uniformacting on the respective surface of the model. Dry isostatic molding has a uniform and dense ceramic structure, no impurities, high flexural strength, forming complex umbrella, precise size, short production cycle, the production of high-strength, high-voltage level rod post ceramic insulators products. Under pressure, the powder in all respects by the extrusion, is pressed into a model likeness pressure in kind, but its dimensions smaller than the model, the degree of reduction depends on the material the compressibility and the pressure applied be. (Map/text
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