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Household Ceramics
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General Ceramics
Our general ceramics are entered the kitchens and restaurants in many countries, and they meet the request of the FDA safety standard:

16pcs of set dinner war are mainly exported to America and Europe market, this kind of stoneware has special active glazing decoration style and sales in big department stores and monopoly stores..

Colorful casseroles are mainly exported to Japan market, they have good thermal shock performance and can be fired on stove directly.

Household Ceramics

Our household and gardening items make living more colorful and interested with many families:

Fragrance jars or stones are exported to America, Europe, Japan and other markets. This item can improve the environment of living in the house and no harmful to people. No power is necessary to work.

Different styles of flower pots and other gardening items are mainly exported America, Europe and Japan market, they have good frost proof performance. These items are made of terracotta or glazed pottery.

Building Ceramics

Porous light ceramic plate/bricks are applied as the building material, they have very low density
And heat conductive ability, good strength, good corrosion resistant and fire proof performance.

Industrial/fine ceramics
Our industrial/fine ceramics are applied in many industries and exported to many countries. For example:
Alumina tubes with big specification are made for vacuum switch with high voltage, because it has good insulation performance.

Alumina plates with large specification are made for LCD panel, they have good high temperature resistant and insulation performance, good corrosion resistant and low expansion coefficient.
PTC elements are made for heating equipments including heater and air conditioner;
Honeycomb plates are made for gas stove and gas heater; High porosity makes good efficiency of burning and evenly flame.

Ceramic valves and tiles are made for coal powder conveying, because they have good wear resistant and corrosion resistant performance.

Porous ceramic filter plates are made for mineral and water processing, because it has good working life and corrosion resistant performance.
All kinds of steatite and cordierite insulators are made for electric heating industry, because they have good insulation and high temperature resistant performance. Also have lower expansion coefficient.

Many substrates are made for auto motors and IT industry, they have good insulation and corrosion resistant performance, and lower expansion coefficient.

Variety of yarn guiders are made for textile machines. They have good insulation, hardness, surface roughness and corrosion resistant performance.

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