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Factors that cause errors zirconia oxygen analyzer
Posted by:admin  Date:2012-12-4 0:35:14  Click:1058
The zirconia oxygen analyzer is used to detect the content of the elements in the Zirconia Ceramics. However, the instrument will appear error zirconia oxygen analyzer measurements factors What is it?
1, leakage
Zirconia oxygen analyzer must be strictly first enable leak detection, zirconia ceramic only under the premise of not leak tight in order to obtain accurate data results. Any solder joints, the connection point, the valve, etc. is not tight, will cause the lead to an anti-infiltration into the pipeline of the oxygen in the air and the oxygen inside the analyzer, to arrive at the high oxygen content results.
2, pollution
Re-use of zirconia oxygen analyzer should be noted that when connected to the oxygen analyzer sampling lines leak into the air, and must be carefully will leak into the clean air blow oxygen micro oxygen analyzer, and try not to make a large number of oxygen through oxygen micro oxygen analyzer sensor to extend sensor life. Generally used in the purification process of the pipeline system, in order to shorten the cleaning time, the high pressure discharge gas and a small flow blowing alternately rapidly purify the oxygen micro oxygen analyzer pipeline.
3, the choice of pipe material
The oxygen analyzer microaerobic general rubber tube, plastic tube can not be used as the connecting pipe. Usually use stainless steel pipe or copper pipe, more demanding minim analysis must be made ​​of polished stainless steel tube.
4, the gas system to simplify and clean
Must effectively exclude the pollution caused by the various fittings of the gas on the road, headers, valves, etc. in the dead ends of the sample gas. Therefore, the specific approach should be as simple as possible oxygen micro oxygen analyzer gas system, the choice of a small dead angle connections. Also, avoid the use of a water seal, oil seal and wax seal equipment, to prevent the dissolved oxygen escape pollute, but also the need to avoid in the sample gas pipeline imports leads to oxygen micro-oxygen analyzer could easily lead to increased pollution purification equipment. (Map / text
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