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Understanding of cordierite insulator from a different perspective
Posted by:admin  Date:2012-12-6 0:52:16  Click:1120
Cordierite insulator in order to understand a lot of ways, Xiao Bian today to lead about cordierite insulator from another angle. We can cordierite insulator separately from cordierite and insulators to start.
Cordierite is a silicate mineral, it is colorless, but usually has a light blue or light purple, shiny glass. The cordierite also has a feature, they emit different colors of light in a different direction, and is called pleochroism. The product excellent color beauty cordierite is as a gem, in addition, the cordierite no industrial uses. Cordierite produced in the schist, gneiss and altered igneous rock. Therefore cordierite two color stone. The artificial synthetic magnesium cordierite for refractory. The cordierite original stone generally weighing 4-5 carats, the greater also found. The cordierite general cut into traditional shapes, the most popular color is blue-violet.
Ceramic insulator products butterfly insulator with pin insulator is mainly used for high and low voltage transmission lines, suspension insulators for high voltage transmission lines using the ceramic insulator is a special insulated control, can play an important overhead transmission linesrole. Ceramic insulators used for the early years of the telephone poles, slowly developed in the high-type high-voltage wires to connect one end of the tower insulator, it is in order to increase the creepage distance, usually made ​​of ceramic, called ceramic insulator. Ceramic insulators in overhead transmission line plays two fundamental roles, support wires and prevent current back ground, these two roles must be guaranteed, ceramic insulators should not be due to environmental and electrical load conditions change led to a variety of mechanical and electrical stress failure, or ceramic insulator would not have a significant role, it will damage the whole line use and operating life. (Map/text
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