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What is the alumina ceramic production process?
Posted by:admin  Date:2012-12-10 0:38:30  Click:996
Alumina ceramic production process it? The following is that the strengthening process of the of alumina ceramic production processes and alumina ceramic. By the introduction of the two parts can be a better understanding of the alumina ceramic.
Powder preparation: alumina powder into the plant in accordance with the different product requirements with different molding process to prepare the powder materials.
Molding method: alumina ceramic products forming methods dry pressing, slip casting, extrusion, cold isostatic pressing, injection, casting, pressing, with hot isostatic pressing and other methods.
Third, the firing technique: The granular ceramics preform densification and the formation of solid materials technical method called sintering. The voids between the sintered body coming billet particle exclusion, to exclude a small amount of gas and impurities organics, so that growth combined with each other in between the particles, the formation of new substances.
, Finishing and packaging process: some alumina ceramic material after sintering has been completed, needed for finishing. Can be used as artificial bone of the products require high surface finish, such as the mirror-like, in order to increase lubricity. Due to the high hardness of alumina ceramic material, the need to use more hard abrasive polished tile materials for finishing it.
The alumina ceramic strengthen process
In order to enhance the alumina ceramic, significantly improve the mechanical strength of new foreign push an alumina ceramic strengthening process. The process is novel, simple, taken by the technical means is the surface of the alumina ceramic, using an electron beam vacuum deposition, sputtering vacuum coating, or chemical vapor deposition method, plated with a layer of a silicon compound film, was heated at 1200 ° C to 1580 ° C treatment, so that the alumina ceramic steel.
Reinforced alumina ceramic mechanical strength can be increased significantly based on the original, with ultra-high-strength alumina ceramic. (Figure / text
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