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Zirconia ceramic interpretation unbreakable
Posted by:admin  Date:2012-12-11 23:16:28  Click:1019
Ceramic can not be broken? This is definitely the first feeling to see the title. This small say zirconia ceramic really unbreakable. Let us to interpret why not smash zirconia ceramics.
Zirconia exist in nature in a zircon sand, zirconia, showing a different crystal structures within different temperature ranges: from room temperature to 1170 ℃ monoclinic structure,1170-2370 ℃ tetragonal structure,2370-2706 The ℃ cubic structure. The three structures zirconia, the proportion was 5.68,6.10 and 6.27. Visible the higher the temperature, the greater the proportion. Therefore, in the same weight, the temperature is lower, the greater the volume.
Zirconia when cooled from the tetragonal to the monoclinic structure, there will be 8% of the volume expansion. To avoid the zirconia ceramics during firing due to volume changes caused by cracking, shall be added to an appropriate amount of calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, yttrium oxide as a stabilizing agent, in order to form a more stable tetragonal or cubic structure zirconia. Such stabilized zirconia ceramic having a high refractory capability 2000 ℃ acid resistance of high temperature, good chemical stability at high temperature corrosion, the smaller the specific heat and thermal conductivity, and is therefore ideal for high-temperature insulation material. Which is suitable to manufacture an electric furnace smelting of metals and alloys with a crucible continuous ingot with the refractory material, resistant to a high temperature of about 2000 ℃ heating element and the furnace refractories, it can also be used as a high temperature of the oxygen concentration cell, and the MHD generator group electrode material.
To overcome the brittleness of ceramics process, phase transformation of zirconia toughened ceramics is attract people's attention, it is changing people 's traditional views on the mechanical properties of ceramics, to promote the further development of advanced ceramics.Phase transformation of zirconia toughened ceramics is the use of zirconia by tetragonal to monoclinic structure transition effect to overcome the brittleness of ceramics. (image / text )
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