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Three alumina ceramics sintering stage presentation
Posted by:admin  Date:2012-12-25 2:32:00  Click:1261
Alumina ceramic products manufacturing is sintered to complete, three stages, respectively is: before sintering, sintering and sintering. Please see below details:
1, prior to the sintering process: in the process of temperature control is very important, as the temperature rose, billet contraction, but the density and intensity are unlikely to change, microstructure grain size did not change, this stage body is very easy to crack, because water and binding agent are excluded, so attention should be paid to the heating rate.
2,initial stage of sintering temperature, small change, volume shrinkage, density will change a lot, although the microstructure grain size still does not have apparent change, but is no longer the coarse particles, pores are also greatly reduced, this stage billet occurs due to sintering and shrinkage, that is easy to cause the body crack and deformation.
3, sintering period: temperature rise, all change than a step further, but the density and strength reached the maximum after changes have had virtually no will, microstructure grain size change obviously, pores become smaller, and are not connected, forming isolated pore, pore residue in grain part. In the late-stage of sintering the grain growth may have adverse consequences, in order to avoid adverse consequences, a general solution is to add additives inhibiting grain growth!
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