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What are the function of the honeycomb plate waveguide
Posted by:admin  Date:2013-1-4 1:12:45  Click:1225
We know about for the honeycomb panel? Below will come from two aspects of the function and purpose of the honeycomb panel. Hope to be able to let our friends better use of the honeycomb panel.
Honeycomb panel is made of two pieces of thinner panel, firmly bonded in a thicker layer of honeycomb core material made by two sides plate, also called honeycomb sandwich structure. In addition, the honeycomb panel will also refer to a large number of cutoff waveguide welding together, constitute a cutoff waveguide array, forming a large open area, at the same time to prevent electromagnetic leakage of the panel.
Honeycomb panel according to the function points: buffer honeycomb panel and packing honeycomb panel. Because of its special structure, can improve the compressive strength and paper honeycomb panel can reduce the cost. Honeycomb panel aperture is generally divided into 8 mm, 16 mm, 32 mm size, paper honeycomb panel 280 grams / 1 square meters. Paper honeycomb panel can produce all kinds of tray, pad, pallets, packing cases, etc. Paper honeycomb panel is this year's rise in the developed countries to save resources, protect the ecological environment, low cost of a new type of green packaging materials, it is light, strong and steady, heat preservation, heat insulation, shock, and many other advantages. (figure/
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