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Those who what we don't know the characteristics of fine ceramics
Posted by:admin  Date:2013-2-25 2:39:10  Click:1056

Ceramic I believe you have seen, and how much all some understanding, today we are going to say fine ceramics related characteristics. Fine ceramics is a kind of high performance, high technical ceramics. He can be divided into engineering ceramics and functional ceramics two kinds big. According to the chemical composition can be divided into oxide class and the oxide class. Fine ceramics is mainly used in the manufacture of engine parts, auto parts, television, hair dryer, fire alarm, high temperature extrusion mould, etc., can also be used in the manufacture of high temperature resistant nozzle.

Fine ceramics features:
1. The product raw material is atomic, molecular level separation, delicate high purity of artificial materials.
2. To have precision molding process, need accurate control products molding and sintering process.
3. To have completely controlled, to ensure that the microscopic structure of the application of high technology fields. (Diagram/wen

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