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Why say it's not broken zirconia ceramics?
Posted by:admin  Date:2013-3-3 19:27:02  Click:1100

Things in our life is filled with broken by the sound, as if the world is fragile, but why say zirconium oxide ceramics is not broken? Because he didn't have what characteristics of this statement?

In different environments, zirconia can present a different crystal structure, where the temperature is higher, the greater the proportion of. So under the same weight, the lower the temperature, the greater the volume. In order to avoid the zirconia ceramics when firing rupture because of volume is larger, we need to add the right amount of calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, such as yttrium oxide oxide as a stabilizing agent.

In the process of us overcome ceramic brittleness, zirconia phase transformation toughening is very concerned by people, he is using the tetragonal to the monoclinic structure of zirconia structural transformation to overcome the brittleness of the ceramic. Zirconium oxide, of course, a lot of method and phase transformation toughening, is one kind of partially stabilized zirconia ceramic, is to increase stabilizer in zirconia medium carbon steel. There is a, he is in other introduce zirconia ceramic, and toughening effect.

Saw the, why said zirconia ceramics is not broken, it is because we overcome some defects of his own, if you want to more in-depth understanding of zirconia ceramics, please pay attention to our website. (图/文

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