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Application of alumina ceramics
Posted by:admin  Date:2013-3-11 22:01:32  Click:1044

In fact, alumina ceramics, he is a kind of new material, but its application is very wide, we are going to talk about some application of alumina ceramic is not common here. A friend asked, why not common not common, that is because often we could easily see. The following specific to have a look to.

1、high temperature industrial furnace
Because he can effectively reduce the weight of high temperature furnace, high-temperature furnace can control more accurate, more energy saving.

Alumina ceramic can be used to manufacture high temperature resistant fiber, can be flexible insulation material on the space shuttle. We can also reinforced metal matrix and ceramic matrix composites by using alumina fiber.

3、air compressor blades, automotive piston, fishing, golf, skiing, tennis etc.
So these materials have been widely used in the manufacture of automobile piston, air compressor blades. Also because of combination of alumina fiber and resin but also very good, because of his flexibility, high hardness, can also be used in the manufacturing industry of fishing rod, golf, ski, tennis racket sports equipment.(picture/text

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