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Those you don't know the knowledge of the honeycomb panel
Posted by:admin  Date:2013-3-18 2:06:08  Click:1041

Jiangsu province ceramics research institute can according to user's actual needs to develop a variety of cellular slab size, mesh honeycomb plate, square plate, blade plate. Honeycomb panel he is part of the laser cutting machine is used, if we often use floor, it is easy to accumulate oil dirties, if we do not clean up in time to change will make processing of the material is dirty or destroyed, and the bottom plate is often artificially extrusion deformation, this makes service base plate, when cutting materials may not wear, this will make material scrap.

Honeycomb panel has many features, such as the intensity of his weight is bigger, average stress, with good pressure resistance, low thermal conductivity, good vibration resistance, light quality, good sound insulation effect, not bibulous, can be stable within a wide range. We can also classify to him, according to his role in the packaging can be divided into buffer honeycomb panel and honeycomb panel. Because of special structure, he can largely improve the compressive strength, this can reduce the cost of plastic honeycomb panel. Generally in honeycomb plate aperture (circular) 6 mm, 8 mm; (hexagonal) size 3.6 MM, 6 MM, 8 MM, 8 MM PC honeycomb core: 7 kg / 1 square meters. (Figure/article


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