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How much do you know about the ceramic insulation you?
Posted by:admin  Date:2013-3-30 3:37:28  Click:1106

To know the insulating ceramic which is a kind of information materials, he may be replaced by semiconductor material silicon. I believe we all know, silicon in our information technology applications is very large, but also because of the development of science and technology, silicon increasingly we couldn't keep up with the need.

With the large scale integrated circuit a lot of appearance, this kind of circuit they need quality materials for thermal conductivity, high frequency performance, expansion matching performance and insulating performance. Especially in the 10 years, because of the high signal and high integration circuit, we can put 37000000 transistors in a single silicon chip, so that we can be very good to heat dissipation and thermal control of integrated circuit.

Now every year all over the world to create a large number of integrated circuit, and 20% of these can use the insulating ceramics, if we in the integrated circuit with multilayer insulating ceramics and packaging materials, then the computer work efficiency can be doubled.(Picture / text

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