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About the characteristics of the alumina ceramics
Posted by:admin  Date:2013-4-9 3:57:26  Click:901

Do you know alumina ceramic, you used it, you know he has what features? I do not know it does not matter, Xiao Bian will take everyone to understand. Look and specific alumina ceramic which are the characteristics of. The specific content of Jiangsu Province Ceramics Research will be introduced to all of us.

1. The weight is lighter
He density in 3.5 kg/cm3, is only half of the density of steel, it can largely reduce the load of the equipment.
2. High hardness
He hardness is only a little worse than the diamond, but stainless steel and wear resistant steel all is more than the first.
3. Have good wear resistance
He wear resistance is 266 times of manganese steel, is 171.5 times that of high iron and if in the same condition, the alumina ceramic can greatly extend the life of the equipment.

When we put the alumina after sintering, must finish, this is can't forget. Because the hardness of alumina ceramic he relatively high, so we want to for polishing and finishing. Normally we will from coarse to fine grinding, and polishing. (picture/text

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