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Ceramic insulators what use?
Posted by:admin  Date:2013-6-17 3:29:40  Click:6727

His high voltage ceramic insulators conveying circuit has a very important role in his suspension insulators are used in high-voltage transmission lines in, and this ceramic insulators he is a rather special insulated control, so that he can, in overhead circuit play a relevant role in the line. This is the Ceramics Research Institute of Jiangsu interpretation of the role of the ceramic insulator.

In fact, very early, when he is with ceramic insulators on poles, and gradually, only in the high-type high-voltage wires for use in, because he creepage distance is larger, so he is used to produce the ceramic , this is the ceramic insulators. His ceramic insulators in overhead transmission line which has two roles, in fact, there is support for the wire current back ground. Ceramic insulators he could not because the environment there is a change in the electrical load of no use, this ceramic insulators Jiangsu Ceramics Research Institute is a test.

His life and reliability of the insulator, the test is a failure rate can be evaluated insulator. In recent years, the development of composite insulators he is quite wide, so now all come to him for several research and development, hoping to aging well in his life prediction of a breakthrough. In China, the ceramic insulator has a long history. So we have to increase his improvements, whether in material or structure, etc. should have a better development.(picture/text

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