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What is the zirconia ceramic toughening method?
Posted by:admin  Date:2012-11-26 20:30:37  Click:918
When we want to know the toughening of zirconia ceramic, then I'm going first to understand the the zirconia ceramic production requirements. With a look.
Zirconia ceramic production requirements of the preparation of high purity, and good dispersion properties, ultrafine particles, narrow particle size distribution powder, ultrafine zirconia powder prepared in many ways, the purification of zirconium oxide chloride and the thermal decomposition method, an alkali metal oxide decomposition method, lime melting method, a plasma arc method, a precipitation method, a colloid method, a hydrolysis method, spray pyrolysis.
Zirconia is a special kind of material, like you said zirconia toughened zirconia phase change in order to achieve! An engineer on the development of zirconia make products primarily for the zirconia ceramic and refractory products.
Pure zirconium oxide is a white solid, containing impurities will appear gray or yellow, adding chromogenic agent may also display a variety of other colors. Due to the monoclinic tetragonal phase transformation of the time will produce a large change in volume, the cooling time will a large change in volume occurs in the opposite direction is likely to cause cracking of the product, limiting the application of pure zirconia at the high temperature areas of . However, after adding a stabilizer, the tetragonal phase at room temperature stability, and therefore does not occur after the heating volume of mutations, and greatly expand the range of applications of the zirconium oxide. The main raw materials currently on the market used for the stabilizer is yttrium oxide. (Map / text
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